Artisanal and always Made to Order,

At Sweet Curls, we begin by infusing our ice cream base with limitless complements of quality ingredients that is made fresh to each order, and is artistically mixed and churned right in front of you.  Our Gelataios create each personalized ice cream with artistry and skill, using our specialized freezing bar tops in full view, allowing you to experience the process from milk and cream into your unique Curl.

When we mean limitless, we mean limitless….


Sweet Curls artisans have combined a collection of the most flavor rich and indulgent menu of Curls for your enjoyment, with additional seasonal items that celebrate their peak deliciousness.  Though as much care and craft that we put into our set menu, we welcome all of our fans to contribute and share their own thoughts and ideas of flavors that they would like added to the menu for their enjoyment. Give these a try if you are in the mood for something special: Root Beer Float Curl, Unicorn Curl, Rainbow Curl, Coca Cola Curl, and the Hula Curl!

Commitment to Service

We are here to please and welcome you to a new and elevated level of ice cream enjoyment.  Each Curl that is made is the unique combination selected from you and created from our Gelataios.  Your enjoyment is a focus of our attention from start to end, so we are only satisfied when you are.


Come see us and get your Curl.